wtorek, 11 listopada 2008

Never Say Die ! / Berlin o7.11.o8

Protest The Hero

Parkway Drive

Despised Icon


More pics from that sweet gig:

4 komentarze:

ツ nicompoopocha pisze...

i love gigs . lol

who are they bytheway?

nice pics as usual :)


ツ nicompoopocha pisze...

haha . Ofcourse i kno em .
I just frgt the faces.

Hha. keep movin on!

ツ nicompoopocha pisze...

Yes right.
But its such a turn on if they have cute faces too, huh? Haha
lol. Im 17 hey. :D
haha no, he didn't . He's a gud man for sure.
I know i'm stupid i kinda addicted to the way im feeling of think of him.
Im okay.
Time always kills the pain. :p

szafot pisze...

sprawdzilem, grali w so36
znam ten klub az za dobrze;)